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Yenory is the Spiritual Guide to Legendary Entrepreneurs. If you’re an Intuitive Black Women Wealth Creator ready to be a vibe, Yenory is your guide. You’ll fully own your authenticity and express your cultural essence while living your wildest desires. 

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When you tap into the limitless source of your true power, you co-create magic with God. You already know this! Deep down you’ve always known you are meant for more.

You love the game of winning. You live for the thrill of success and now you’re ready for your next level.

There is only one person who can hold space for your true essence, capable of witnessing your divine power and ready to help you ignite the flame dormant within.

That spiritual guide is Yenory – The secret weapon for the most ICONIC and exceptional women in the world.

When you work with Yenory, you access 14+ years of experience in self-mastery, self-love, self-awareness, self-care, and emotional intelligence – Everything to unleash your untapped power with compassion, ease, and flow.

Yenory’s approach is both holistic and practical, ensuring that her clients not only feel inspired but also make tangible changes in their lives. Whether you’re seeking clarity in your career, harmony in your relationships, or inner peace, Yenory’s teachings provide the tools and support necessary to manifest your highest potential.

Yenory’s clients are Entrepreneurs, and C-Suite Executives ready to ignite a chain reaction of transformation that ripples through the Universe and has the power to impact the world.

Yenory works with a small number of powerhouse clients every month on their emotional intelligence, self-care, self-awareness, self-love, and self-trust.

Interested in working with Yenory or learning more? Apply to work with Yenory below by scheduling a call and completing the form.

work with yenory

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How Janel up-leveled her money mindset and started achieving her goals.

How Janel up-leveled her money mindset and started achieving her goals.

work with yenory

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