Why you don’t believe in yourself & how to fix it

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Hola Mis Amores,

How’s your spirit today?

I am doing fantastic. My spirit feels lifted, confident, clear and at peace.

This is miles from where I was last week when I spent a whole day crying in my office.

The crazy thing about that experience is that I am so grateful for all that pain I went through,

Because it allowed me to share this incredible experience with you today.

For years I’ve been talking about how to do the work, sharing tips and resources to help you become healthier & happier.

But I realized that I haven’t shown you what it looks like to go through the work of getting to know yourself, how it feels to see the parts about you that you don’t like, and what it is like to be comfortable in discomfort for your own healing.

So today I am opening up to you about all of it.

Here’s what we cover in today’s conversation with JP (my hubby):

  • Why I didn’t believe in myself
  • How I built my confidence
  • Why I felt obligated to be the person who is always available to others
  • What the growth has looked like to me in this season
  • How I foresee what my future will look like
  • How I finally got the courage to become less available
  • How do I juggle having a business and being married?

Hasta Luego!

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