What are your pre-requisites to feeling enough?

What are your pre-requisites to feeling enough?

So when I was an undergrad at RIT, I took some pre-requisite courses. Not many but some.

The data analytics series comes to mind, which was required for my Public Policy major. The pre-requisite was calculus which I prayed my way through because I barely passed pre-calc in high school.

I’ve never begged so hard for a 65 in my entire life, but my high school math teacher knew I needed to pass to graduate, and the Universe let me be great!

Anyways, whenever I’ve had to take a pre-requisite for anything in school, I’ve always known why I needed it, even if I didn’t understand it or like it.

One thing was clear; this is part of a path I’ve chosen for myself.

Today that got me thinking about  pre-requisites in other areas of my life,


What were my pre-requisites to:

✅ Feeling enough,

✅ Listen to my intuition no matter what,

✅ And trust myself to do the shyt that’s in my heart.

Here is what I thought they were:

  • Ask people around me if they thought it was a good idea,

  • Wait for people around me to give me permission to act,

  • Worry about what people would think of me,

  • Be afraid of failure and not getting it perfect on the first try,

  • Then take action, and keep it a secret until I reach my goal.

Here are the problems I ran into:

➡️ Projections. Anytime I asked people if they thought something was a good idea for me, they would project their beliefs onto me.

So they weren’t answering if it was a good idea for me. They were focused on if it was a good idea for them. We’re not the same person.

➡️ People can only give you what they have. So here I was waiting for people to give me permission to do what I desired, but those people weren’t doing that in the first place.

Talk about the blind leading the blind. I was asking the wrong person.

➡️ Approval. By putting the responsibility of making a decision on other people, I because a slave to their approval. So now, I was trying to please people instead of focusing on pleasing myself.

Since I didn’t want to disappoint them, I would do what they were doing. I would stay complacent, where it was safe even if I hated it there. Which, of course, meant I didn’t take action. 

💥 Here’s what I’ve learned:💥

If you want to trust yourself with consistency and silence the voices of self-doubt with grace, you have to shift your pre-requisites.

✅ First, accept you are enough! Being enough doesn’t mean you have all the answers right now or won’t need any help. It means you have everything you need to get to those answers and get the help you’ll need along the way. You are enough to execute your vision.

✅ Second, the only person who needs to give you permission is yourself. Why? Because people won’t deal with the consequences of your actions, whether you like it or not. So take the responsibility upfront, to avoid resentment and regret later.

✅ Third, do it scared. Fear-like discomfort is a sign that you are stretching yourself. You’re stepping into unknown territory. There is nothing wrong with going into the unknown, especially when you consciously choose to go there, following your intuition. Yes, it won’t always feel good at the beginning, but you will adapt. It is your human nature!

These steps are simple but not easy.

I know because I face this process daily. 

But you know what, you can do it.

Because You are Enough🥳!

Here is what I know that I know,

If you give yourself permission to trust your intuition no matter what, you’re going to feel free, excited, and more at ease in everything you do.

That’s what the Self-Trust System💎 is all about. 

You’ll feel empowered to live the life you envisioned for yourself with courage and consistency, even when it feels a little scary.

If you feel your heart guiding you to join us, the time is now.

The investment starts at $15,000 (payment plans are available).

Right now, we got 4 spots left.

Ready to take the next step?

To Your Authenticity,

nory pouncil
Hasta Luego!

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