The root of inaction

Hola Mi Amor, 

In today I’m sharing a short video training I did with my clients last week Tuesday on the root of inaction.

If you struggle with taking consistent, intuitive action towards your dream life, know you’re not alone,

That’s why I’m sharing this training with you so that you can cultivate the best skills to take action with enthusiasm no matter what.

As you might be aware, most female founders struggle with taking consistent, intuitive action but don’t know why

After you watch the above video,

I have one question for you:

Which element of inaction is having the biggest impact on your life right now?

Seriously, just comment below, I’ll be sure to read it, and thank you.

To Your Authenticity,

Hasta Luego!

PS: Here are my 5 Sources of Joy this week!

🤗What I’m grateful for🤗 – Moving at my own pace.

📚What I’m Reading📚 – The Parable of a Sower by Octavia Butler

 🎼What I’m playing🎼 – I want you around – Snoh Aalegra.

 👀How am I moving 👀 – Tennis + Walking to the beach.

🤩 Quote of the week 🤩 – “Self-trust gives you permission to fail without feeling guilt or shame.” – nory (This is a #noryism – uncomfortable truths to help you thrive!)

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