The Power of Releasing Attachment to Outcomes With Ease!

Join 900+ ICONS mastering a life full of ease every Sunday while reading The Sunday Self-Trust Ritual (you’ll learn a bit more about business and relationships too). ​

Join 900+ ICONS mastering a life full of ease every
Sunday while reading The Sunday Self-Trust Ritual
(you’ll learn a bit more about business and relationships too).

The Power of Releasing Attachment to Outcomes With Ease!

If you want to manifest your desires with ease and joy, don’t attach yourself to the outcomes you want.



Attaching ourselves to the outcomes we want takes our attention away from our desires and puts it on trying to control something we can’t.

It’s simple.

You can control what you do to contribute to the outcome you desire and how you respond when the outcome shows up.

Everything else is outside your control!

Hola ICON,

Welcome to the Sunday Self-Trust Ritual! 

Each Sunday, I’ll help you learn and discover a pattern that might be looming in the shadows of your subconscious and drastically impacting your ability to manifest your next-level desires with ease.

Along with a ritual to support you in navigating this pattern with calm the next time you experience it.

This week is all about releasing the attachment to outcomes with ease which will put you on the fast track to:

  • Freedom and flexibility by opening yourself to new possibilities and opportunities. 
  • Improved focus by being in the present moment with more ease and flow.
  • Reducing stress by not worrying about what might happen. Instead being satisfied with the process and journey instead of solely focusing on the end result.

Here’s the thing:

You cannot control exactly how things will happen in your life.

When you choose to believe that you can control exactly how things will happen in your life and the timing of when they will happen,

  • The attachment to outcomes leaves you feeling frustrated and angry with yourself anytime you don’t experience what you want in the time you want it, in the way you envisioned it, and with the people you desired.
  • Over time frustration and anger overflows into your life, impacting how you act, meaning you start treating people differently.

You start putting the outcome on a pedestal and, above all else, including YOU.

Usually, this looks like:

  • Stress eating, 
  • Not being active, 
  • Feeling tired, scattered, 
  • .. and not feeling grounded.

You start being dismissive of others, ignoring your commitments, and getting annoyed and irritated easily.

Most people avoid these signals because they’ve convinced themselves that the outcome is most important.

Write this down in your journal:

What you resist, persists. 

The more you avoid this -, the more intense these feelings become. 

They will get louder and louder until you pay attention.

It can lead to feeling:

  • Defeated, 
  • Disappointed, 
  • Depressed and anxious, 

All signs that mean you’re not being your best self. 

Things can get pretty dark very quickly.

The attachment to outcomes also looks like this:

  • You don’t prioritize yourself,
  • You focus on people pleasing,
  • You overthink your decisions, 
  • You doubt yourself and your desires.

The Attachment to making $100K in 12 months!

When I began this business in 2018, I had one clear goal, 

Make $100K in 12 months.

Hitting Six figures has been portrayed as the holy grail in entrepreneurship, and when I began, I wanted in on the action.

Here’s what I didn’t know:

I didn’t know that obsessing about making $100K wasn’t serving me.

I thought that I had to do whatever it took to get it, even if that meant being unhappy with what I was doing and not having fun.

I subscribed to the grind mentality and convinced myself that I HAD to work hard to prove myself.

I became so attached to this outcome that I started defining my self-worth by how much money I made.

Before I ever reached $100K in 12 months, 

I had 11 months with $0 in sales. 

Each time I saw those $0s, I focused my attention on everything that was missing.

Here’s how that impacted me:

I felt less confident about myself, 

I felt frustrated with myself because I wasn’t getting the results,

I felt angry with myself because I was struggling to do the actions that would get me what I desired.

I felt tired. 

Tired of trying. 

Tired of rejection. 

Tired of disappointment.

The whole ordeal was exhausting and defeating.

Plus, I doubted myself the whole time,


  • “Am I good enough?”
  • “Do I have what it takes?”
  • “What if I have to get a job?”


I questioned myself a lot during that time because I had no idea how long it would take to hit my goal. 

This went on for three years!

Then in 2021,

I made the decision to release my attachment to making $100K in 12 months.

On March 2022, it happened.  

.. and you know what?

It took me 3 months to find out🤯.

Which is why I want to share this with you.

Decide to Be An Architect

Here’s what I do differently based on what I learned from this experience. 

Anytime I see myself being attached to an outcome, I acknowledge that I am presented with two paths. 

The path of the architect or the path of the victim. 

  • When I choose the path of the victim, I walk away feeling drained, powerless, hopeless, and defeated. 
  • When I choose the path of the architect, I walk away feeling empowered, aligned, excited, and energized.

… and even though I know this, there at times when I unconsciously choose the path of the victim,

Because that’s what humans do.

This is why it’s important that I’m constantly redirecting myself and aligning with the path of the architect over and over again, 

… which I’m going to share with you right now.

The Path of the Architect

First, I question why this goal is so important to me.
What does it represent, and why am I so attached to it? (usually, my sense of safety is being triggered). What do I want it to save me from?

Second, face the possibility that the outcome I desire can manifest in a way I didn’t envision. I remind myself that there are infinite possibilities to getting what I want; I’m only focused on one possibility. Here, I decide how I will show up if that happens.

Third, accept that whatever outcome I actually experience is the BEST outcome for me. Every interaction I have is an opportunity to learn how I act, so I can decide how I want to act. I learn as much as I can, amplifying what feels aligned and redirecting what doesn’t.

Fourth, take the next action I can control. ME. I focus on being in an inner state of harmony. Feeling my feelings, monitoring my thoughts, reprogramming my mind with new thoughts, and exposing myself to discomfort

The Joys of Releasing the Attachment to Outcomes

  • You put yourself and your desires first, no matter what.
  • You are present in the now with more ease.
  • You enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
  • You celebrate your wins and sit in the satisfaction.
  • You make decisions based on what brings you joy.

Why Am I sharing this with you:

I am sharing this note with you because there is power in letting go of the attachment to outcomes. 

When you attach yourself to outcomes,

You’re not aligned.

When you’re not aligned,

You’re not being your best self.

I know it is uncomfortable, especially when we really want something.
When your desires are linked with your sense of safety or security.
It can feel intense moving through that resistance and very uncomfortable.

At the same time, 

I KNOW that once you let go of the attachment,

You CREATE SPACE to receive the BEST outcome for you, and it comes to you with a deeper level of ease!

You focus your attention on what you can control, and you collapse the time it takes you to get it!

The Results:

You amplify the path of the architect and redirect the path of the victim anytime you spot it.

Over time the highs get higher and lows get higher, too!!

Once I stopped being mad about not making $100K in 12 months, 

I started seeing HOW I could do it while putting myself 1st!

I started manifesting this life with greater ease.


When you focus on what you cannot control, you lose sight of what you can control. 

You can only control yourself: 

  • Your beliefs, 
  • Your thoughts, 
  • Your feelings, 
  • .. and your actions.

To master a life full of ease,

It all starts with removing your attention from the attachment to the outcome and redirecting it towards You.

Seeing all the ways in which You can manifest your life with ease.

Embodying your highest self with joy, kindness, and compassion along the way!

The Ritual of the Week: Be An Architect

1. Get Aware: Expand your awareness of how the attachment to outcomes impact you. We’ve done this step together✅

2. Self-AssesHow you are acting right now? Are you attached to the outcomes you desire? How is that impacting your quality of life?

3. Take Action: Use the Path of Architect. When you experience outcomes in your life (wins, failures, mistakes),  learn as much as you can from them, amplify what feels aligned and redirect what doesn’t.

Before I Go:

Inside of the Self-Trust School  we are getting ready to plan for ourselves into our year. I’m excited about honoring my commitment  to block off 1 week every month to rest!

Have you planned your rest into 2023 yet? Respond to the ritual and let me know!

See you next week,

To Your Life Of Ease!

Yenory Pouncil

Hasta Luego!

Who is Yenory Pouncil?

I’m a mentor to ICONS focused on Self-trust and Success Mastery. I’m obsessed with all things leading to authentic self-mastery with ease and flow.

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