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I’ve missed you.

Took a break from blogging because I’m planting seeds of love in my life.

There’s a lot of negativity, pain, suffering, and unhappiness in the world.


I’ve been asking myself what’s the best way to help?

Praying to the Orishas, Ancestors, and the Universe to guide me.

To move my steps in the direction of love, deep love.

Because, I’ve learned that to help others, I have to process those emotions in my own life.

Process my own pain, insecurities, suffering, unhappiness, and all the unhealthy behaviors I’ve mastered. That’s the only way to have real empathy, and begin to understand what others deal with.

Because, love.

Being a source of pure love goes against everything we’ve been taught, everything we believe, and questions a lot about our identity.

I’ve come to terms with some facts about me:

  • I have a huge ego.
  • I’m always thinking about myself.
  • I like to help, but I like being thanked more.
  • I like to feel needed, even when I’m not.
  • I listen to reply more than I listen to understand.

And a few more that I rather keep in my journal for now.

The best part of this realization is that if I have learned to be this way, I can unlearn it.

And that’s where I am.

Ready to unlearn.

At the very least, I’m ready to try.

I want you to know that I see you, I see your suffering and I want to understand.

So where do we begin?


Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, The snapback project is a holistic approach to making yourself your number one priority.

It’s the result of developing unhealthy eating habits, ditching regular workouts, gaining 15 pounds (at-least for me) and other manifestations of poor self-care.

This is not a weight loss challenge, because weight gain is only a symptom of the real problem.

This Snapback is about you, about making your health your priority.

The Snapback Project looks beyond the surface and focuses on how you feel emotionally, it promotes healthy mental health, and considers how your body can benefit from journaling, spending time in silence and making smarter decisions around food, & exercise.


This project my way of taking control back, of loving myself enough to say,

Enough is Enough.

Should you join in?

That’s up to you.

Here’s what you should know before deciding.

If you come on this journey with me,

You’ll instantaneously gain a community of sisters.

Because, Accountability.

At times, taking control of your health can feel lonely, depressing, tiresome and draining.

That’s why having a Tribe to encourage you, motivate you, and hold you accountable is the difference between pushing through and giving up.

You’ll learn what self-love looks like to you.

You’ve heard the “experts”, you have to practice self-love!

But no one tells you what that means, or more importantly what that means to you.

Forget about what it looks like and how to do it.

The Snapback Project will help you uncover that,

Because, You.

You deserve to practice self-love in the way that makes sense to you and meets your needs.

You’ll walk away with strategies to help you find what makes you happy.

Isn’t that what we all want?


This project, is not all about happiness, because I’ve learned that more often than not, happiness is a choice.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know what makes you truly happy? What brings you joy? What fills your spirit?

The Snapback project will get you closer to those answers.

Ready for the details?

First, Join the Tribe!

To get all the benefits of the Snapback project make sure you join the Tribe.

The project will kick off May 14th, 2018 and run for eight weeks.

You can sign up below!

The Snapback Project is closed for sign up. Join our mailing list to learn about future projects.

Did you sign up?

Do not keep reading until you do!

Second, you’ll need to think of your commandments.

In her book, The Happiness Project, Gretchen made a list of 10 commandments to guide her happiness project.

You will do the same.

You can see my ten commandments in the photo above.

These are things that are important to me, things I need to work on, and things that bring me peace.

You can change these later if you want to, but not after the project starts because you’ll use them as guides during the project.

Third, purchase a journal.

Journaling has healing properties.

I can personally attest to this. Journaling has kept me sane as I navigate this country as a woman of color.

You can jot down your thoughts, ideas, fears, and dreams.

You’ll learn more about how to maximize your journal once the project starts.

Fourth, Download the Calm App.

One of the critical elements of this project is spending time in silence and solitude. The Calm App is a great way to get you started.

It will walk you through meditation techniques to help you slow down and spend time in silence.

The app also includes music, night sequences if you struggle to sleep, and a whole list of other awesome features. They even have a meditation section for kids!

That’s all for now.

You’ll get more information closer to our May 14th, kickoff day!

The Snapback Project is closed for sign up. Join our mailing list to learn about future projects.

Do not forget to sign up and share The Snapback project with the women in your life. The more the merrier!

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