Episode 10: Nory Pouncil meditated for 200 days, 20 lessons you need to know


To be honest with yourself means to be at peace with who you are are where you are right now, in this moment. – Nory Pouncil


This solo episode belongs to the Tea Time with Nory, podcast edition.

Tea Time with Nory is an intimate look at Nory’s life, & updates from iAmHealthyFit. Released every other week, these shorter episodes give listeners an opportunity to connect with Nory and learn about how she practices self-care on a personal level.

Nory discusses 20 lessons she learned from meditating consistently for over 200 days. Including, embracing failure, how to be comfortable being uncomfortable, the benefits of journaling and why you can decide how you feel about situations and how long you feel that way.

You’ll also learn why she sucked at meditation & how she turned her meditation journey around, and her must-have app to help her stay consistent.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • [1:40] Why I’m sharing these 20 lessons with you.
  • [1:55] How my mother unknowingly introduced me to meditation.
  • [2:50] How I got meditation wrong.


  • [3:40] The app that can make meditation feasible for you.
  • [4:21] Becoming consistent and committed.
  • [5:20] Getting back into meditation and journaling the right way.
  • [6:20] How journaling impacted my self-love journey.
  • [7:10] Day one. Committing to myself and the first journal entry.
  • [9:40] What does meditation mean.
  • [10:41] Why is this episode important.

Lessons 1 – 10

  • [11:00] Why I began writing these lessons. Day 180. The 6-month assessment journal entry.
  • [12:50] #1. Failure is a part of the process, and it’s necessary.
  • [14:18] #2. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because comfort doesn’t help you grow (helpful exercise inside).
  • [15:50] #3. Writing is a form of release.
  • [16:40] #4. Focus on doing your current job good.
  • [18:00] #5. Have a list of core values. What would you do or not do?
  • [19:20] #6. You can decide how you feel about situations and how long you feel that way.
  • [20:53] #7.  The only actions you can control are your own.
  • [21:59] #8. Be grateful for every situation.
  • [23:02] #9. Be courageous.
  • [23:44] #10. Set a social media schedule asap.

Lessons 11 – 20

  • [24:19] #11. Execution is a form of self-trust.
  • [24:51] #12. Make time to reflect and process.
  • [25:38] #13. Make a daily list of things that make you feel proud of yourself.
  • [26:29] #14. Stop surviving and start thriving.
  • [27:55] #15. Put things out to the Universe, but be ready to do the work.
  • [28:48] #16. Listen more and reply less.
  • [30:18] #17. Remove and release all expectations.
  • [31:18] #18. If you want to grow you, get ready to let go of people, behaviors, and old habits.
  • [32:44] #19. Ask yourself, am I doing my best?
  • [34:19] #20. Be honest with yourself and with others.

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