Tips You Need To Know To Help You Preserve Cilantro


Cilantro is perhaps my favorite herb of all time! No, seriously I love me some cilantro. It is amazing to cook with because you can add cilantro to everything. I can’t think of a dish that does not go well with cilantro.

Tired of throwing away your cilantro?

Learn how to keep your cilantro fresh for up to two weeks. This easy to follow 3-step-method is all you need.

According to Organic Facts, many people don’t know that coriander (cilantro) is packed with potential health benefits, that most people completely miss when they toss this garnish into the garbage after eating their meal.

Properties of Cilantro

  • It has eleven components of essential oils,
  • Six types of acids (including ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin-C),
  • Minerals and
  • Vitamins, each having some beneficial properties.


Given my love for cilantro and all its amazing properties, you can understand my desire to preserve it when I don’t use it all.  After spending countless hours on the net, I finally found a method that works wonders!

You Will Need Three Items!

  • An empty container
  • Water
  • A plastic bag

Three Simple Steps

  • First, you want to fill your jar with water. A mason jar or an old glass bottle should work. Add about 1 cup of distilled cold water, or you can use tap water too.
  • Then I place my cilantro in the bottle and cover it with a plastic bag to retain the moisture.
  • I take my covered bottle and put in in the fridge! That’s it!

As you can see, this is also an excellent way to bring your herbs back to life! Next time your cilantro looks a little lifeless, simply follow the steps listed above and watch it flourish!

I do not know the scientific reason why this works, but I know that I use the same method to preserve my mint leaves, my parsley and it also works great.

Let me know how you keep your cilantro and other herbs!

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