How to break free from your anxiety & take control

I was feeling frustrated. I barely made it to the gym, and when I did, I was thinking about the 20,000 things I could have been doing while I was supposed to get myself in shape.

In today’s episode, I sat down with a friend, turned client, Sharon Guity. Sharon is an amazing spirit. She’s a loving wife, mother of two, passionate about understanding her self, and committed to love herself no matter what, living in NYC.

During this episode we discussed in detail how Sharon got unstuck in her life which resulted in arguing less with her husband, spending more time with her son and spending 2 hours every day with herself planning and reflecting on her day.

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this episode:

  • How being stuck manifested in Sharon’s life.
  • Sharon’s experience with therapy.
  • Her unhealthy relationship with expectations.
  • Why she struggled to find healing on her own.
  • Why the laundry was stressing her out.
  • How she stopped worrying about the things that didn’t happen.
  • Her biggest challenge in getting unstuck.
  • How her life changed after working with Nory.
  • Sharon’s advice to the version of herself that was hurting.

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