How Crystal went from Feeling Stuck, Depressed, Lacking Direction to Having Inner Peace, Happiness & Clarity


How Crystal went from feeling stuck, depressed, lacking direction to having inner peace, happiness, and clarity

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Where Crystal was before joining the Get Unstuck Tribe.
  • How Crystal’s depression was manifesting emotionally and physically, both at work and at home.
  • Why Crystal decided to join the Get Unstuck Tribe and work with Nory after going to therapy.
  • How Crystal’s life changed after working with Nory and joining the Get Unstuck Tribe (10 months later).
  • How Crystal’s relationship with her daughter changed after joining the Get Unstuck Tribe.
  • How Crystal feels right now!

Crystal’s #1 piece of advice for women feeling stuck!

  • Give it a shot! You have to do something drastically different if you want to see drastically different results. Do not worry about the cost, this is an investment in yourself!

How long before Crystal started seeing results – below is her response:

That’s a tough one and it varies by the type of result expected. 

By the second session, when I completed the exercises about my mom, I felt immediate relief from the hurt that I’ve been carrying all my adult life. 

I started feeling more hopeful about the future and more competent in my ability to get past the depression within the first month of working with you. 

It probably took 6 months until I stopped resisting “doing the work”. I would say that I was on a plateau but once I put forth real effort into practicing the change we talked about, then I started seeing more results.

Hasta Luego!

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