10 healthy recipes of the African Diaspora you’ll love

10 healthy recipes of the African Diaspora you’ll love

So you want to eat healthy without ditching your cultural foods.

Unfortunately, most of the dishes from Garifunas (Black Caribs), Latin America, and countries associated with the African Diaspora get a reputation for being unhealthy.

Can I be totally honest with you?

There’s some truth to that.

Most of us, grew up eating dishes bursting in flavor because our families focused on taste, not nutrition.


Traditionally the ingredients used to prepare these dishes are heavy in starch, made with too much salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats.

Ironically, the indices of obesity in these countries are still significantly lower than those in the US.

The Global Obesity ranking measures a country’s adult population that’s obese. According to their list, Honduras ranked at number 89 (21.4%) while the US ranked at number 12 (36.2%) almost 15% higher.

So, while the foods we eat are not traditionally the healthiest, the quality of the foods we eat are higher.

Because, Processed.

The majority of the foods consumed in the US are processed and include ingredients that make you more vulnerable to obesity.

Obesity can lead to health issues such as diabetes type I & II, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.


The question remains,

“how are you supposed to eat healthily and preserve your traditions?”

Glad you asked!

These ten healthy recipes of the African diaspora were created with you in mind.

Because you’re tired of making the same healthy recipes over and over again, and you want your mom to know that you’re not too good for platanos or rice.

Let’s get started


Vegan Black Bean Chilaquiles

Say goodbye to boring desayunos. “The chipotle in adobo and fresh jalapeños add a splash of spice that’s balanced out perfectly with the nachos. Pair with fresh cilantro and scallions, and you’ve got yourself a winner”. Photo and recipe: Food Heaven Made Easy


Gluten-Free Vegan Moringa Waffles

So what exactly is moringa? Moringa, (moringa oleifera) not to be confused with matcha, is a tropical tree that is often referred to as one of the world’s most nutritious plants. Moringa is a high-protein energy booster that is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. It helps fight inflammation, can slow signs of aging, and also helps lower blood pressure. Read more about the benefits of moringa herePhoto and recipe: That’s Chelsea


Jugo de Avena (Oatmeal and Milk Beverage)

You’re familiar with oatmeal as a warm staple. Oatmeal cookies, oatmeal cereal, and even oatmeal muffins. In the Dominican Republic oatmeal make this refreshing and delicious drink. Photo and recipe: Woke Foods 


Hibiscus Orange Herbal Tea

Hibiscus has so many healing properties! It is rich in antioxidants which helps to combat free radicals, boosts the immune system, improves your mood, lowers bad cholesterol, improves digestion and can even tighten and tone the skin! Although hibiscus petals can be used in all types of culinary dishes, my favorite way to use them is in herbal infusions. Photo and recipe: That’s Chelsea


Baked Plantain Chips

Traditionally in the Garifuna culture plantains are eaten fried or boiled in a traditional dish called Machuca. However, since transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, I prefer mine baked! Photo and recipe: iAmHealthyFit


Kidney Beans & Brown Rice

“People don’t realize that protein is found in so many foods, not just meat. Now that I’m vegan, I eat all the rice I want!” Jenell B. Stewart. Photo and recipe: Jenell B. Stewart


Vegan Sancocho

Sancocho is a staple in the Dominican Republic. It is a thick and hearty soup made with meats, root vegetables, and spices. Sancocho is typically served on special occasions, You may be thinking—sancocho with no meat? Rest assured. This recipe has been tested by a Dominican mother who specializes in sancocho, and it got two thumbs up! We use yucca and yautia, two root vegetables that can usually be found in Caribbean markets. To thicken up the stew, we used pureed red lentils. Photo and recipes: Food Heaven Made Easy 


Jerk Lentils & Carrot Stew

Jamaican jerk seasoning is loaded with bold flavors like cumin, allspice, thyme and scotch bonnet pepper and undertoned with a sweetness from cinnamon and nutmeg. The flavor and boldness are finessed in the roots of the island. I decided to infuse that “island essence” into a lentil and carrot stew. Ital vibes! Photo and recipe: Amanda Olivia


Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is mostly common in West Africa and it is consumed in most region like Nigeria, Gambia, Sierre Leone, Togo, Cameroon, Senegal and many others. The only thing is that their ingredients are different. The name jollof was Originated from the name “wolof” and has its origin in Senegal, even though Ghanaians and Nigerians mostly debate the origin of this dish. Photo and recipe: Afri Food Network.


Veglami Guisao

Salami stewed in a tomato, vinegar, and pickled onion sauce is a classic in Dominican cuisine because it is quick, good, and cheap! We grew up eating fried salami and stewed salami with plantains. After learning that Salami is actually beef, pork, animal fat and other mystery bits, filled with unhealthy fats, we vowed to stop eating it. Until we discovered vegan sausage — made out of grains! Photo and recipe: Woke Foods

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Delicious Cantaloupe Sorbet Recipe Using Only 4 Ingredients!


Are you looking for a delicious and healthy substitute for ice-cream?

Would you like to enjoy a sweet dessert without feeling guilty or ashamed?

If so, then you are in the right place.

This yummy and healthy sorbet will help you enjoy a tasty snack without worrying about calories and processed sugars.

The best part? You can make this sorbet using only four ingredients.

What is a sorbet anyways?



Simple answer: Sorbets are frozen fruits mixed with sugar without any dairy. Apparently, restaurants use them to cleanse your palette. You should think of them as vegan ice-creams.

Since the key ingredients are fruits and sugar let’s talk about how to use these ingredients in a healthy way.

Finding the Right Fruit



In a sorbet, the fruit or fruits (you can mix it up!), act as your base. You can use any fruit you like, but I’ve learned that some fruits work better than others. Some of my favorites are cantaloupes, mangos, peaches, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and bananas.

You can buy the fruits fresh and freeze them at home or you can buy them frozen. Pick the option that works for you.

Buying fresh fruits is usually cheaper, but the process will take longer.



For today’s post, we will be using a cantaloupe. Cantaloupes are great because they have a very meaty texture, so using one cantaloupe will give you a decent amount of sorbet. Also, they can get very sweet to the point that you do not need to add a lot of sugar if any at all.

Quick note: The best way to pick your cantaloupe is to smell the end opposite to the stem area. Raise the fruit so that the button is just under your nose and take a good sniff. You are looking for a sweet aroma. If you do not get a scent, then your cantaloupe is not ripe.

What If You Need Sugar?



Sugar is truly optional. If you are a sugar addict like me and need a little extra sweetness, agave will do the trick. Agave comes from a plant in Mexico.

The nectar made from the plant is known in Mexico as aguamiel, or “honey water.” Agave is believed to be a healthier sweetener because its lower glycemic index helps protect against health risks associated with higher glycemic sweeteners.

If you buy agave, make sure you buy raw agave, it is the healthiest version.



Agave is very sweet, so you will not need to use that much in comparison to white sugars.

Let me remind you that sugar is optional and you can make your sorbet without it, but if you absolutely need it, this is a good alternative.

The Answer is Water



You might find that when you begin blending your frozen fruits they might be hard to breakdown depending on your blender. I recommend you use a little water to help break them down. For this recipe, I used about 2 oz. It keeps the recipe healthy and avoids added sugars.

Once again this ingredient is optional and it depends on your blender.

You can also use water to reduce the sweetness of your fruit if you are into that!

Adding Other Ingredients



You will notice that this recipe includes limes. I love limes, and how they blend with fruits. As you play around with your own sorbet recipes, you can try blending your fruits with fresh flavors like limes, lemons, and even cilantro. It is your world!!

You can top your sorbet with nuts or seeds, here I used walnuts.

I hope that this post taught you how to make a sorbet that is both nutritious and delicious.

If you found it useful or if you know someone who would enjoy it, please share it with them. After all, sharing is caring 🙂

Cantaloupe Sorbet

  • 1 cantaloupe ripe
  • 1 lime
  • 1.5 tbsp of agave
  • 2 oz of water (optional)
  1. Clean and cut your melon into small to medium size chunks

  2. Using parchment paper layer your chunks on a baking sheet or a container. 

  3. Cover it with saran wrap and place it in the freezer for a minimum of six hours.

  4. Remove your chunks from the freezer and put them in a blender or food processor.

  5. Add your freshly squeezed lime, 1.5 tbsp of agave to the blender and mix until you achieve the desired consistency. Feel free to use the water if needed.

  6. Once you achieved your desired consistency, move your sorbet to a container and place it back in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Make sure you cover it with saran wrap.

  7. When ready, scoop, add your favorite toppings (I used ginger powder and walnuts), drizzle a little agave and enjoy.

The Lazy and Easy Way to Drink More Water You’ll Love


Do you hate drinking water?

You wished you could drink more water but you can’t get over its bland and boring taste.

Everywhere you turn you read about the benefits of drinking more water and how important it is not only to lose weight but also to live healthier, but you still struggle to drink it.

If that sounds anything like you, then this post is for you.

Believe it or not, the amount of water you drink will impact how your body feels, how much weight you lose, and how much energy you have. Water is kinda of a big deal.

Drinking more water is beneficial to your health and something that you can work on it every single day for FREE.

I will never forget when my cousin, who is also a nutritionist, asked me to track my water intake. The results were shocking. Long story short, I wasn’t drinking anywhere near the recommended amount. Experts recommend that you drink at least 50% of your body weight in ounces of water.

For example, if you weight 150 lbs your minimum recommended amount is 75 ounces per day. My recommended amount was 80 oz of water, but I barely made it to 40 oz.

Using recipes to infuse water like the ones below, my new daily water intake has skyrocketed to over 100 oz per day!

You’ll learn that infusing Agua with your favorite fruits and spices is a game changer when it comes to flavor. These flavor packed recipes are great to get you started without feeling overwhelmed and juice deprived.


Mojito Water

Who doesn’t love a yummy mojito? This infused water recipe using mint and lots of lime (do not hold back!) is the perfect combination for a delicious drink, with no hangover. This is perfect for the summer. It will help you drink more water and help you stay hydrated. Photo and recipe: Rebecca Hubbell / Sugar & Soul

cardamom-rose- infused-water-recipe

Cardamom Rose Water

If you’ve been thinking about blending your water with flowers, this is the perfect time and recipe to do it. This therapeutic combination will transport you to a spa and have you feeling completely relaxed.  Drink a glass of this infused water recipe, and you can skip the morning tea with all the extra sugar. Great way to reduce added sugars from your diet. Photo and recipe: Sue Moran / The View from the Great Island


Strawberry Mint Water

You love strawberries, and you love mint, mix them together, and you have a party of flavors! Great for personal use or your next get together, your guests will be pleasantly surprised at how delicious their water tastes. Just slice your strawberries and add fresh mint leaves and let it do its magic. Photo: Kylie Chevalier; Recipe: Ally / Inspired by This


Watermelon Basil Water

What is there not to love about this recipe. Watermelon is the ultimate summer fruit. No water what season it is, drinking watermelon infused water will make you feel like you are on a beach and the sand is caressing your feet. We all know basil is refreshing, that’s why it is great for this infused water recipe. The sweetness of the watermelon is all you need to drink more water. Photo and recipe: Natasha Kravchuk / Natasha’s Kitchen


Pear Vanilla Water

If you know anything about me, you know I love ginger and cinnamon. Grandma used to always make ginger and cinnamon tea because she believed it cured everything LOL! Ginger helps improve digestion and cinnamon has a very soothing effect. Once you add the sweetness of the pears, you have a match made in heaven. Great way to infuse water with spices. Photo and recipe: Beth Manos Brickey / Tasty Yummies


Blackberry Mint Water

The key to this refreshing recipe is time! The longer you let this combination sit, the better. Once you are ready to drink it, your senses will love this sweet and tart yet still refreshing blend. Do not forget that berries are rich in antioxidants so this is a win-win for sure. What a great way to drink more water. Photo and recipe: Katie Enzenberger / The Casual Craftlete


Rainbow Citrus Water

If you love citrus, this recipe is for you. Grab the oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes and have a party. You can get as creative as you want and add all the fruits your heart desires. Bonus: This infused water looks very pretty! Photo and recipe: Kelly Roenicke / The Pretty Bee


Citrus Mint Water

Grab thick slices of yummy and antioxidant power fruit, grapefruit and pair with refreshing cucumbers and mint. This infused water combination will not only hydrate you, but it will also kick your immune system into high gear! Another great example of drinking more water helps your body. Photo and recipe: Leigh Ann Chatagnier / My Diary of Us


Blueberry Orange Water

This is the perfect infused water recipe for a day in the park. Blueberries and oranges are already amazing on their own and are perfect for travel. While they might seem like an odd pair, I promise you it is worth the try! Photo and Recipe: Peachy Adarne / The Peach Kitchen

Ginger Peach Water

You already know ginger has awesome digestion fighting power, adding the peach makes this blend even more delicious. The peaches are a great balance to the spicy taste ginger brings to the table. Photo and recipe: Sarah Ehlinger / Very Sari

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Free Vegan Smoothie Recipe for More Energy


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying the NEW Essential 10 Super Greens Superfood from Designer Protein. Make sure you continue reading because I have both a recipe and a giveaway for you! So stick around!

Learn about Designer Protein’s Essential 10 Superfood Protein Powder and enter our giveaway for a chance to win a product of your choice!

Since I am still trying to transition to a vegan lifestyle (I need to make this my priority), I was excited to check out their plant base option.


So what’s the verdict?


  • It is green! According to Designer Protein, the protein powder is Certified USDA Organic, each 30-calorie serving provides 50% of your daily fiber and includes phytonutrients from greens naturally rich in antioxidants. Designed with spinach and kale, Super Greens is an excellent source of prebiotic fiber.
  • Each serving of Super Greens contains the dietary fiber of 10 servings of vegetables, Vitamin C content of 2 servings of spinach, B6 content of 6 servings of kale, calcium of 7 servings of spinach, magnesium content of 1 serving of spinach, 25% of your daily Vitamin K value, 16 times the electrolyte sodium level found in bananas, and phytonutrients from 10 green sources. Super Greens is certified USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, & Kosher.
  • Energy! I felt very energized after having my green smoothies. I love starting my days with something green and love how that makes me feel!



The one thing I wasn’t crazy about was the taste. Well, let me explain. I enjoyed the taste when I use fruit juice, but I like my smoothies with water. The green taste was a bit over powering when using water, but if you use juice, you won’t have a problem.

Note: I did not try this powder with any types of milk, I only tried it with apple juice and water.


Would I recommend this product?

If you like blending your smoothies with juice, go for it! If not, you might have to play around with your fruit combination to get the taste right.I think it is a solid product like I said I did like the way it made me feel and I love the fact that it is vegan!


Free Vegan Smoothie Recipe for More Energy

  • 1 cup of mixed fruits* (For this recipe I used a blend of strawberries, mangos, pineapples and coconut chucks)
  • 1 cup of apple juice
  • 1 scoop of the ESSENTIAL 10 SUPERFOODS
  • 1 tbsp of chia seeds (This is optional)
  1. Add all your ingredients to a blender, mix and enjoy!

I would love to know your thoughts. Have you tried any Designer Protein products? Do you like them? Why or why not?

How To Create The Best Green Smoothie Recipe In The World



I love smoothies. I can’t imagine healthy eating without it. Smoothies are perfect for breakfast. Experts say starting your day with fruits and vegetables is the best way to start your day. But you do not have to limit yourself to breakfast.

I love to use it as a pick me upper instead of coffee because I avoid the afternoon crash. Plus, smoothies are fun, they are a great way to let your creative juices flow and jump start your recipes.

Today I am going to teach you how to put together the best green smoothie recipe ever. Next time you want to enjoy a green smoothie, use these simple steps to make it happen!

One of the questions I always get, is how do you put a smoothie recipe together? How do I know if I am doing it right? Well today I am going to teach you how to put together the best green smoothie recipe ever. Next time you want to enjoy a green smoothie, use these simple steps to make it happen!

First, you need a base. The base of your smoothie is the liquid you will use to blend it. For most of my green smoothies I like to use water. Water is not only great for you, it is also very affordable (for the most part) and it goes well with everything. I also love using homemade teas as a base. For this recipe, for example, I used homemade ginger tea.

You can make your tea in batches, by boiling ginger root with water for 45 minutes to an hour. You can also use coconut water, hemp milk, almond milk and freshly squeezed juice. Just remember to read all the ingredients on the labels to make sure you are staying as healthy as possible. If you are using juice be mindful of the sugar intake.

Let’s move on to the fruits and veggies. There are several ways you can go about this. Depending on the type of smoothie you are putting together, the mix of fruits and vegetables will vary. For this recipe we will focus on green smoothies. You can get your vegetable intake in raw form and or powder form.

I like to do a mixture of both, but for the most part I stick to powders. It is much easier and convenient for my lifestyle. My go to brand is Manitoba Harvest, check out my review on their delicious Hemp Protein Powder. This plant base protein powder is the perfect blend to provide me with nutrients in a delicious way.

If you like to stick to raw vegetables, I recommend you try superfoods like kale, spinach, aloe vera and mix it with rich seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, irish moss, hemp seeds or maca and spirulina just to name a few. All these superfoods are rich in much needed nutrients. Ofcourse always check with your doctor before introducing new items to your diet.

So what about the fruits? This is where things get a little tricky specially if you have any allergies. Once you have your base, your superfoods in either powder or raw form, you need some fruits. Fruits not only provide additional nutrients, they are also a source of healthy natural sugars. Green smoothies blend well with apples, pears, bananas, mangos, pineapples, strawberries and avocado which is great for texture.


  • You can use frozen fruits. I buy them fresh and freeze them for later or I get them frozen. Make sure you read the labels to make sure there is no added sugar.
  • If you are not using frozen fruits and would like some texture, add ice. Start with 1/2 a cup and add more until you reach your desired texture.
  • You top your smoothies with things like shredded coconut, hempseeds or other seeds or nuts of your liking.


The Best Green Smoothie Recipe In The World

  • 1 cup of homemade ginger tea
  • 1 cup of kale
  • 1/2 of a green apple
  • 1/2 of a ripe banana
  • 1 tsp of chia seeds
  • 1 tsp of irish sea moss
  • 1 serving of your favorite plant base protein powder
  1. Make your ginger tea (boil ginger root with water for 45 – 1 hour). A nice size is about the size of your hand in length, and 1 – 2 inches thick.

  2. Cut your apple into chunks

  3. Cut your bananas

  4. Wash your kale and remove the stems

  5. Place all your ingredients in a blender (I use the ninja) and Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this post and this recipe! I look forward to learning about your own recipes on social media! Do not forget to follow us and tag us #iamhealthyfit!

This Awesome Mushroom Marinate Recipe is the Best Thing Ever!

This-Awesome-Mushroom-Marinate-Recipe-Is-The-Best-Thing-Ever!This mushroom vegan recipe is very easy to make. It is perfect for meal prep and there is a lot of room to be creative. Let’s start marinating!

Seriously, why is this mushrooms marinate so freaking good? Just when I was ready to give up on them for life, I randomly put this recipe together and fell in love. I loved it so much I made it again for my vegan lasagna recipe coming soon (you won’t want to miss that). Anyways, let’s get to this goodness!

Excited to prep these mushrooms!

For this recipe we will use 3 portabella mushrooms, a cloth, a container, herbs and spices, a mixing bowl and a hand mixer. I forgot to include a brush in the photo, but you will need that too!

Sliced and ready for all this flavor!

Before we can cut our mushrooms into slices, we will clean it using the cloth. Lightly damp your cloth with water and use it to remove the dirt from your mushrooms. You can also use a mixture of 2 parts water and 1 apple cider vinegar, learn more about the benefits of apple cider vinegar!

Ready for the fridge! The longer you let them sit, the better!

This marinate is very easy to make. Not only will it have you licking your plate, it is perfect for meal prep. I love this recipe because there is a lot of room to be creative. I am happy to share what I did, but I encourage you to try your own mix and let me know how it goes! Let’s start marinating!

The Recipe

Mushroom Marinate Recipe

  • 3 portabella mushrooms
  • 1 tbsp of chopped cilantro
  • 4 – 5 bay leaves
  • 4 minced garlic cloves
  • 1 tbsp of thyme
  • 1/2 tbsp of old bay
  • 1/3 cup of olive oil
  1. Using a damp cloth, remove all the dirt from your mushrooms.

  2. Slice your mushrooms into 1/4 of inch thick pieces.

  3. Mix all your spice in a bowl, add the olive oil and whisk away for 2 – 3 minutes.

  4. Add a layer of marinate to the base of your container. Then place the mushroom slices on top of it.

  5. Using your brush, apply the marinate to the mushrooms. If needed add a second layer of mushroom slices and repeat the process until you’ve marinated all the slices.

  6. If you have marinate left over, add it to your container. Cover it with saran wrap and place it in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

  7. For this recipe I let it sit for 3 hours and then I put it on the grill!

  8. Enjoy!

Easy and Quick Plantain Fries Recipe You Will Love


I love plantains. If you are new to the blog and love plantains, check out this plantain chips recipe, which will also have your mouth watering. Besides their delicious flavor, I love plantains because of their versatility as a stand alone dish and their ability to add just the right touch to any meal.

Looking for a healthy alternative to fries? Look no further. These baked plantain fries will give you all the flavor without the fat. Perfect healthy meal prepping recipe.

One day I was making baked fries and thought to myself “I wonder if I could do this with plantains?” Spoiler alert, I did and it came out amazing!

For this recipe you will need yellow plantains, oil (I use avocado because it can stand high temperatures without compromising its nutrients), and seasonings (I make my own blend using sea-salt, cayenne pepper, onion powder and thyme).

Start by setting your oven to 350 degrees. Next, peal your plantains. The easiest way to do this is by using the tip of your knife to cut through the skin horizontally and use your fingers to remove the rest of the skin. Yellow plantains are much easier to peel than green plantains, which are not ripe.

Once you remove the skin, remove 1/2 an inch from each end. To cut the fries, simply cut the plantain into vertical halves and slice those halves into long thin strips.

Once you cut your plantains into fries, place them on a baking sheet using parchment paper. You can also use foil paper but I find that parchment paper is non-stick. Using a small bowl mix all your ingredients and use a brush to apply the blend to your fries. Then put them in the oven!

You can enjoy them as is, or you can add them to any meal!



Plantain Fries

  • 3 yellow plantains
  • 2 tbsp of avocado oil
  • 1 tsp of cayenne pepper
  • 1 tsp of thyme
  • 1 brush
  1. Pre-heat the over to 350 degrees

  2. Cut your plantain into long thin strips and place them on a baking sheet using parchment paper

  3. Add all your seasonings to a small bowl and mix them together

  4. Use a brush to add your mix to the plantain fries

  5. Place your plantains in the oven and let them cook for 20 minutes, then turn them around and let them cook for another 10 – 15 minutes.

Note: If you like your plantain chips crispy leave them in the oven for longer, make sure they do not burn!

Make This Easy and Amazing Vegan Ice Cream You Will Love


Who doesn’t love ice-cream? It is the perfect treat for a hot summer day! When I began transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, I had a tough time giving up dairy because I love ice-cream. Haagen Dazs’ Dulce de Leche will forever have a very special place in my heart.

Who says vegan is boring? Enjoy this easy and amazing banana ice-cream recipe. It is delicious and full of nutrients like iron, fiber and vitamin B1!

But change is good and health is wealth, so after a little trial and error I’ve created a ice-cream recipe that I love and it is vegan!

For this recipe you will need at least 4 frozen bananas.

You will also need 1/4 of a cup of your favorite base. I prefer coconut milk, but you can use almond, hemp milk or any other dairy free option you prefer.

You will also need 1 tbsp of flaxseeds. Flaxseed a rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, also known as ALA or omega-3. They are pretty awesome!

While not required you can also add raw cacao powder which is a source of antioxidants and iron!

Vegan Ice Cream

  • 4 frozen bananas
  • 1/4 cup of almond milk (or coconut milk)
  • 1 tsp of organic cocoa powder ((optional))
  • 1 tsp shredded coconut ((optional))
  1. Using a food processor (I use my ninja), mix your bananas, milk, and flaxseeds until the texture is smooth. This should take less than 4 minutes.

  2. Then add your coconut shreds and cocoa powder on top of your ice cream for flavor.

Note: You can mix the cocoa with the bananas in the food processor!