5 Ways Faith and Hard Work Will Help You Lose Weight


Two weeks ago I shared a post outlining How I lost 48 pounds using my FAITH and my WORK! This week I am discussing five ways faith and hard work will help you lose weight. I encourage you to leave your fears behind, put your faith in the Lord and watch your life change.

Identify Your “Weights.”

Know the underlying pain, trauma, and triggers that have led to the spiritual, mental, and emotional weights. Then you can find healing in God’s word instead of in food, etc.

Pray for Strength and Guidance

You can’t win this battle on your own. If you could, you would have lost the weight AND maintained it on your own. Why not go to the One who created us so we can receive particular wisdom about His “weight” loss plan uniquely designed for us?

Accept Your Starting Point

Don’t try to do too much too soon. The quickest way to fail is to restrict our foods and increase our exercise dramatically. God knows who we are and how we need to begin our journey. He wants to set us up for success, not a failure. Focus on what you CAN do and let God increase your strength to do what you can’t.

Renew Your Mind On A Daily Basis

Weight loss is not a one-time quick fix. Daily, God wants to change our unhealthy mindset towards food and help us to create new habits towards exercise. To lose the weights and maintain this loss, this must be an inside-out transformation.

Keep Your Promise To Yourself and to God

Commit to God’s specific instructions for your journey. We please God with our faith and obedience. We please ourselves by becoming the best person we can be through consistency, discipline, and perseverance.

How do you use your faith and work to lose the weights?

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