5 Songs You Need in Your Playlist to Nail Your Workout


Am I the only one with a warrior song? That song that magically transports from our brain to our headphones; As if your brain sent an S.O.S right as you seem to be on perils of giving up! Then magically as if a personal trainer has given you that last kick, you push hard just enough to cross the finish line!

Looking for the perfect workout playlist?

We got you covered. Find out the top 5 songs you need to nail your healthy exercise and learn how music streaming can help you maximize your performance, push tempo and pace, create focus, and even elevate your mood.

My song is Work B**tch by Britney Spears. Listen to it on your next workout and watch your life change! So it got me thinking, what a perfect time to share Five Songs You Need in Your Playlist to Nail Your Workout!

This is What You Came For – Calvin Harris & Rihanna

Seriously, enough said! These heavy hitters collided in one of the most epic songs of the season. This song is confidence on a stick, and Ri and Calvin are great partners to have during your workout. If this doesn’t pump up your blood, please see a doctor!

This One’s For You – David Guetta feat Zara Larsson

This song is the official song of Euro Cup 2016. It not only uplifting and inspiring, but Guetta also delivers a beat that sends shockwaves through bones.

In Common – Alicia Keyes

The songstress has no doubt landed the coveted spot as having the song of the season. Its collection of beats will have you dancing in the middle of your workout! What a better way to burn extra calories.

Beautiful Life

Lost Frequencies. I stumbled on this beauty by accident thanks to the shuffle button. This song’s catchy tempo, great message, and just all around feel good vibe is the perfect running song!

All the Way up – Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Jay – Z, French Montana

I am a New Yorker, so maybe not everyone will appreciate this. But this song’s Swag screams New York – Brooklyn and Bronx together, and who doesn’t want to be All the way up during a workout!

We all want to subscribe to good music during a workout. The science has been out on this for a while, music, and health go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. Add music to any workout, and you can maximize your performance, push tempo and pace, create focus, and even elevate your mood.

Streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal have created targeted playlists for different workouts. They are using cutting edge science to identify songs that are stimulating brain behavior and helping you keep moving during psychical activity.

Spotify has done a pretty great job at careful curation of a workout playlist created by star Dee-Jays all ready to match your tempo and pace.

Also, the app boasts a pretty impressive runner’s feature designed to match you steps per minute with songs selected randomly based on your speed. So next time you are outside getting your workout don’t forget to put some work into that playlist!

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