5 Simple Tips You Need To Have A Healthier & Happier Vacation


So the day is finally here! You’ve been waiting anxiously for a chance to disconnect or simply do absolutely nothing! You are looking at your clock wondering what is taking 5 pm so long to arrive.

Bags aren’t packed yet, but knowing that you’ve been putting in that work in the gym is all you need to know. It doesn’t matter what you pack because you are beach body ready!

Whether you are traveling internationally, domestically or staying at home, it’s vacation time. You are torn between wanting to have a splendid time and not sacrificing those gains you worked so hard to achieve.

What are you supposed to do??!

No need to worry because I got you covered! Today I am sharing five simple tips to vacation without sacrificing your progress!

Drink Lots Of Water


So maybe that is not the first thought in your vacation brain, that’s fair! But this is no time to slack off with your water intake. How are you supposed to turn up if you are tired and dehydrated? Not a good idea!

For every alcoholic drink, you should add at least one additional glass (8 oz) of water. Packing an empty water bottle is the way to go!

Get Some Rest!

I know I am not the only person, who has needed a vacation to bounce back from her vacation. Don’t get caught up like me. I know you are excited to be out and about and maybe drink and eat until you drop, but do not forget to give your body a break.

You are supposed to be resting anyway, so do it. Get at least 7 hours of sleep, where do you need to be? Nowhere! You know why? Because you are on vacation, my friend!

Watch Those Portions!

Some restaurants do a good job with serving sizes, but most don’t. Remember that not all portions are created equal. I know you’ve been waiting to indulge for months, and you should, but do not over do it.

If you are concerned with storing your food, ask for a smaller portion. Eat until you are satisfied, not until you are full. If you are traveling with a friend, try ordering small dishes like a buffet. Sharing is caring.

80/20 rule!


While we are talking about portions, let’s talk about the 80/20 rule. If you aren’t familiar, it means eat 80% of foods that are healthy and compromise with the remaining 20%. I promise this works!

One unhealthy dish won’t destroy your gains, the same way one salad won’t transform your body. The key is consistency. By limiting your intake of unhealthy foods, you organically allow your body to process these foods while eating clean.

Keep Moving!

This goes for both your body and your metabolism. I am not suggesting you go running a marathon unless that is your thing, in which case enjoy. If you are at the beach go swimming, explore the town on feet, or get the crew together and go dancing.

As a self-diagnosed Hangry Patient, I’ve learned that snacks are my best friends. Having snacks handy buys me at least 1.5hrs to figure out my food situation.

While on vacation get some snacks and save them for later. Think easy to carry and easy to store. If you are about this life, pack some of your snacks in your luggage. Travel with nuts; they are awesome for travel.

Honorable Mention

Limit your intake of unhealthy foods and order items on the side.

These are 5 of the many tips that can help you maintain your healthy lifestyle while on vacation. Please share your #iAmHealthyFitTravelTips with us in the comment section!

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