10 ways being more self-aware has improved my life

Facing your reality and learning things about yourself can really put you in a position of vulnerability and honesty.

This solo episode belongs to the Tea Time with Nory, podcast edition.

Tea Time with Nory is an intimate look at Nory’s life, & updates from iAmHealthyFit. Released once a month, these shorter episodes allow listeners to connect with Nory and learn about how she keeps herself unstuck.

In today’s episode, Nory shares 10 ways being more self-aware has improved her life. She talks about how her obsession with perfection has kept her from releasing podcast episodes, and how she has become less stressed, anxiety and worry about to future. In the process, she became more present, more joyful and in love with life.

10 ways being more self-aware has improved my life:

  • Less stress.
  • Less anxiety.
  • Less worry about the past.
  • Less worry about the future.
  • Not taking things personally.
  • Being more present.
  • More living in the moment.
  • More self-trust.
  • More surrender.
  • More Joy.

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